Thursday, November 11, 2010


So went Friday * rather * similar to what I thought.

Long to work, biked to the lcbo, mountain back to work (it was too hot at home of mountain biking). Went to a class of hip hop instead of pilates ...I didn't work in time to go to pilates. then biked home in the rain with my backpack on my back that orusingthecard throws me off … not kill me though yay!

Now I'm watching "the last 10 lbs bootcamp" on section. Although a 100 calories cooler.

I am usually sitting at about half of a pizza on a Friday night so not too shabby so far!

I have a plan to go for lunch with my dad tomorrow and then off "club hopping" with my friend tomorrow. So I am going to try to fit in some exercise and try to make healthy choices.

I'm always excited to start next week on the back on track Fitness Challenge!

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