Saturday, November 13, 2010

Weakness. Not dealt with. Took only a bath.

My breast, see izmereniaVesOb?em waist, thighs, see Volume.

Today the weakness in the evening, went to friends were playing monopoly. all drank beer ate chips and fish with Squid. I sat and drank water with lemon ...quickly got used to the situation, it was a strange ejforijnoe status ... and now, very weak today was, took a bath with go to sleep (if usnu) could be easier.
Soon I perceive food as buzu means existence rather than pleasure.
You need to consider what sweet in the future I will be and when.but it's now after the new year holidays plan ...fuf vyderzu I 2 months without sweet, won't be grymz.haha ...
values for Nasly,?)
All good night.
Bought a 17% fat cheese 300 g will wait their turns until Tuesday because unloading only on Monday.All of the following week will one day have a cheese.

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