Saturday, November 13, 2010

20 day Protavovki

My breast, see izmereniaVesOb?em waist, thighs, see Volume.

That's 3 week comes to an end. 41 days malozirn nutrition. Today is the day "doobedenn sladkoezestva"))))))). 'Ve had my breakfast cereal with banana. Yummy)) do not eat them 3 weeks!!Even the language slightly obozgla)
My waist was reduced further to see what I'm really happy with) the sides almost no) will soon be out of the jeans is vyvalivat?sa)).
Now go to the parents.Long ago there wasn't.The temptations think ustou calmly, because in the morning all sladen?koe)
For today:
w-Porridge with banana (decent portion was)
o-Spageti (not ate perhaps more than a month)
Nearly 60 system turned out).But tomorrow 3 grapefruit and kefir (or nonfat yogurt if Naidoo).Think razgruzocka does not prevent, in watts to account for 3 weeks.

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