Sunday, November 14, 2010

BUČev weekdays continues!

Победитель конкурса на лучший диетический рецепт

Hi girls!

Finally, a minute sit among companies and meet with the thought, thee and Sunday here mosking
Bucevan my progress. Motivation is the 25th go to boss man in the annual celebration of Thanksgiving. See exquisite company will be there, I want to hit people in the dirt. Heck, this would be, but so far it is me motivated to keep yourself in the hands.Sport and, although this afternoon feeling like it better. If all, tomorrow I'll try a light cardio.
Judging my debatnoe went well. I even liked it. If you feel better, so in general it would be a class!8 month old daughter came out to the semifinal, but lost. It's a pity it was sad. But the errors still tend to be a lot of tournaments, so everything will be OK!
And the only weekend held in the procurement of products and then kitchen on the go up something which would say. Filled with forgotten eggplant, decided to bake in the oven. Well as respectable dietcica "pozadnicala" Rast oil and only slightly sbryznula cut halves. As a result, Eggplant looked like lean urgently save anybody, namazav tomato sauce with herbs and garlic. But do not know yet, zasunula in refrigerator for tomorrow.And its natusila vegetables in the oven, wheat gruel with onions and mushrooms made (buckwheat ended), breast zapekla, thought that the last couple of days. 8 month old daughter Came into the kitchen and says: "a meal where?", I so proudly on their show, and she kastrul?ki me: "No, not this rather delicious!"surprise1 That she had given every baking Neto, and there is nothing in the House.But the pastries were still force w washing all thegirl_cray2

I hope your vyhi were more pleasant.On Monday you mother!

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