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Tattoo – pros and cons.

People — especially sensual creature. Tactile perception is the main way of understanding reality. It's no secret that are very pleasant to the touch, this is perhaps what we are able to obtain higher bliss. Especially nice touch of gentle, warm and tasty even to the touch. So we arranged. Perhaps here and hide answer to why white fragrant bath foam so pleasant for the body.
Bath, while the foam is a kind of complex rehabilitation and relaxation. The foam is almost always included vegetable extracts, mineral salts, essential oils and a blowing agent. In appearance and texture can be solid or liquid and dry bulk.Effect of granular reach by smesania the foam and salt for the bath.
Pena is a necessary and indispensable. Just a couple of caps this consistency can donate the unthinkable Bliss, raising the spirits and giving "second breath throughout the body. Foam bath serves hygienic function and helps rehabilitate mentally. This is because it nourishes the body through the skin cells and skin — a huge body that encloses all the components of our body.Moisturizing and tone can donate just foam.Simple daily shower will not be able to perform these functions, and soon your body requires the immediate adoption of baths with required amount of salt and foam.
What is the effect of admission of bathroom singing?
Water is life-giving moisture in the body, both inside and outside. External application of water in a bathtub and a washing-medical-prophylactic procedure. Perhaps the only medical necessity, natural and pleasant.Baths with foam bring even more fun.Water composition becomes even more useful, it is reduced and the lighter with the cells of the body.Taking a bath, you can get rid of fatigue, migraine, rate their emotions.Plus cosmetic Transfiguration of gentle care, soft purifying and maintain vitality.
If you regularly use foam for bath, body build, and it will be easier to resist infection.
Natural ingredients of foam, contribute to the implementation of certain functions.
Extracts of coniferous trees (pine, FIR, Juniper) help you get rid of stress, relax, improve sleep quality tonizir. Such baths are necessary before bedtime and recommended for children.
Extract of citrus fruit (Orange, grapefruit, lemon) actively affect the skin, strengthen, give freshness and comfort.As an antioxidant, grapefruit contribute to placing the surplus from the body, improves cellular communication and reduces swelling.
Extracts from herbs (chereda, camomile, mint) reduces oedema, film peeling,, restores lipids balance irritated skin, stabilize the work inside the organism, are favorable to ease debt respiratory organs.
Aroma oils are used-aphrodisiacs: patchouli, ylang-ylang, cinnamon, verbena raise mood, influencing the pituitary gland.
Acne rash and its effects can help you cope with foam bath, tea tree is ventilation. It facilitates rapid healing, spanning.Extract is a natural anti-inflammatory. 
For sensitive skin and just in the sense of its stanutosti, bath using foam simply indispensable.The best option is to use foam with extracts of propolis, honey, sandala or rose.
Foam baths. Instruction for use
Here reigns the principle: "water — no, foam — Yes.Thus the body to affect water and foam, with separate.
Enter your Peng once included crane.Whipping it until foam height reaches approximately 5 cm above the water. Distribute it evenly over the surface. Water does not necessarily need a lot, as long as it takes for the immersion of the lower body.
Time bliss does not exceed 20 minutes, and the temperature of 40-45 degrees. This requirement is enough to open the pores for penetration of healthy substances.
Big time has a negative impact on the body and the effect can be directly opposite.
What the doctor ordered!
Above mentioned on "magic" properties of foam.Therefore, persons with health problems of heart and vessels should be sensitive to the annotations on the tube.By the way, for such people adversely affected extracts of Mint.If you bet the sweet sleep, opt out of the bath with toning effect.And vice versa.
Those who do not migrate some parts and extracts, should also pay attention to details.Use the close to natural.It does not contain any bellicose components and allergenic pigments and additives.
Don't chase the strong blowing agents.Normally this is very harmful ingredients: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (Sodium ethanolamine Lauryl Sulfate) and its derivative Sodium Laureth Sulfate (Loyrette sodium sulfate), Cocamidopropyl Betaine (Kokamidopropilbetain) and peg (Poly-ethylene glycol)..Components easily penetrate the skin cells, tissues, postponed and destroy the organism from the inside.May cause various diseases, at first glance not involving the use of cosmetics.The value of these supplies is very low, because manufacturers will be happy to use them as part of the key property of which the foam.
It should also be remembered that the foam bath is a cosmetic means.And used in the manufacture of dyes, flavours and fragrances.

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