Friday, November 12, 2010


Good evening!


I'm crying Aroslavny ... Lost very important documents to yourself, now sit in sorrow ...Heave ...

Grusu .... Am using bad language itself-what is muddle-headed man. ..This is my karma that such bad ...IN

overall unhappy so. ..

Today I was plummet 200 grams. How did I madly that rejoice! Very!!! As well as the weight will

dug and Vera disappears ...And desire again ... And motivation ... Then JOR ...I've got it!Not even

know what to expect from tomorrow! I want to go all day and drink!!!Although now try after 8 not appear with

glass in their beds.

From sports today run. What to think.Rather than guess. Fantastic changes in the information-I'm about cardio and

power ... How does still have gaps in this area, but damn I mount Economist ... Who the f knew!!! From jogging

and cardio even fat can accumulate!!! I have not explained it, I'm waiting and I'm in shock ... ...

Actually collect manatki and depart in the gym!Hi, cool junk and sweaty men!

I came to you fat!

It is remarkable that in the weight increase ...So. Little repetition, great weight-recruited a lot. A lot

repetitions, light weight and burn fat. And yet I still think buy did a protein isolate. Because

protein not dobirau!At least I think!

Probably will be 4 hours of cardio, 3 hours of power. And 1-2 days of rest, so all distribute!!!!

I like it!The intellectual level our site really starts to grow! Cheers,

mates! Some even become important as they are still pohudeut! Hooray Hooray!

TTT! This pleasant State of naedania food!Here you eat! And I don't want more!!! Satiety!!!!!!!! Only

After 3 hours the appetite!!! How would I make, 5 meals to disperse too this obmenku quite

quite ... And not wanting to eat! Adore these periods.But 22 came CD in a limousine, here I do not know

they will perform there! The guests themselves are usually pretty well must be fought.

More comments ...Here's a weight.And worth it.Already'm getting angry.Head against a brick wall.Because JOR.Is growth + more

new plummet.This is what?American roller coaster?Or scare me scared zabiraj all want?As the

strange…But, perhaps, understandable.

But I guess US do.Girls in the know.Feel closer to NG?And then g like most recently?

Jack sopit!Love it.My pleasure ...Here it is-the loneliness of the network.

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