Saturday, November 13, 2010

Luxurious lashes

Summer is over, which means it's time for a change! Let's explore how hairstyles at the height of fashion this fall.
Hair stylists Propose some might even shock-so they are unusual.But still worth a look up to them.
Classic tail.
This is one of the easiest options for hair that could see impressions of famous designers.
Smoothly zacesann hair rubber band or intercepted a hair slide of a low on his neck. But unlike the horse's tail ends left natural.

Unusual tails.
If tails appear dull option for you, then take up these unusual tails. In fact, it's a combination of conventional tail with a pencil or oblique.But this is not so easy.
Front hair zacesyvautsa as in conventional tail, but a bunch of back end hair remains free.In this case also Fringe zacesyvaetsa.

Smooth head.
This option is no longer surprised by hair, but it remains the most popular among business Lady.Smoothly zacesann hair (fashion hair parted in the CBS on the left-hand side), with a strong means priglazenn to commit offences against such objects even dress code. 
This season bundle is created from a slightly confused, as if dressed hair. And than zamyslovatee beam, the better.
The same approach to create and maintain.The most fashionable – French braids and "ear".
To spit it longer hair should be slightly nacesat? can be kept free of hair.
The most interesting option is to weave the celke, or with one hand.

The stylists are now in the theory of light carelessness ukladky (although in reality this negligence carefully plans).Hair should look like if their tattered wind.
Also interesting to look with a variety of options in the direction of zacesa hair.Experiment!
Some designers have gone further.They demonstrate, mermaids – hair disband zacesyvautsa back and recorded the gel to create the effect of wet hair.
It seems that you are just out of the shower.
To create additional volume slightly nacesite hair, and if you want something extraordinary, you collect nacesann hair in a sloppy beam on the nape flight retro-style.

Retro Hairstyles.
Stylists will return us into the 60s.This hairstyle is also present naces and abundance of packing.A great option for secular celebrations!

Comb-over the eyes.
This option is somewhat contrary to the fashion trends of the season.Now true open forehead, and release a bang.But this is not the most practical for everyday hairstyles, although it looks funny.

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