Saturday, November 13, 2010

pohvastaûs′ ...)))))

Propadau I. .. All returned even elder, sadly. No you can't escape from the Interior and has quietly going on your favorite site. Work, everyday problems, meeting, travel, typewriter zakapriznicala, just tired! Feel like chronic fatigue. Here it is! But can it better)))
So all in all about weight, so I have not failed in its purpose essno! Weight really doesn't want to leave! Why so hard reset last 6 kg?!!!!!No, They won't want your dash3 Supper no longer move and has almost ceased, and these three days I just like the beast was washed away food, dessert, I pouzinala ....

Winter does not begin, rain. But I try to enjoy every day, though, and lousy weather) and there are pleasant)) I finally reached the point where I can be "old" stuff)))) plasiki, jackets, coats, tunicki)))) Current sorry coat new losses it sits too ugly, not from my shoulder ... Yes and Fig with it! which sought to Jeans and even lost hope someday tighten when at least half-foot! I have easily zaprygivau, still wearing already not going, I waited too long fashion ...))) It pleases me eyes! my efforts and anguish cost to experience this joy now!BUT this is not yet final and relax niza. Yes and it is normal weight goes up immediately.

All even conscience zamucila why I poela evening ....Tomorrow's long-awaited weekend, try to eat at 5. And wish to take a picture to clear to see. Hope u can see thread while visually seems not very visible.

And immediately revealed ... annoy me squeals around about my appearance.especially Chief Mrs. ...such evil has a motive, CARDUUS obmahivajsa ....

Well everyone, cal cal his beloved girls nastrocila chaotically as always ...well I don't know how I'm beautiful writing, sorry)

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