Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rules for blond hair

You are blonde, lucky winner of a bright image. Not important due to the nature of your blonde hair, or through your transformation trends occurred. Regardless, your hair should always look healthy and shining.
  If there was a blonde with a full colour, you know firsthand that the condition of the hair is getting worse and are in need of intensive care. Raduj his hair a variety of oils and shampoos masocky (there are special for light hair, they do not allow yellow after washing). If you use hair dryer or any other heat treatments, don't forget to protective devices which protect you from dry and brittle hair.  Just watch the hair roots, dark roots is an aesthetic look, so once a month in the Salon. prokrasivajThis procedure will give your home a luxurious hair new breath.
There are several receptiky for care and care for your hair at home. Donate your blonde hair gloss and smoothness using very simple honey mask. Before applying the honey weight, wash the head Shampoo (add a pinch of baking soda), and then apply hair flower honey and zamotajte foil, for best effect. Duration of eight to ten hours, so the procedure should be provided free day. But the result is worth it! For smooth and silky treatment use of Chamomile conditioner.For this you need 2 tablespoons of camomile flowers (dry) pour hot water and boil minutok 8 over low heat.Further used as a normal washing machine after each washing head and enjoy the effect.
Light head, care for their hair, and mere glance in the mirror, you'll get lots of positive emotions!

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