Saturday, November 13, 2010

Oh, Oh hello kremlëvočka ... ... ... ...

My breast, see izmereniaVesOb?em waist, thighs, see Volume.

Ohohohoho ...
Can't I lose weight on a diet, no to NG at all.
Have to sit at kremlevku.
No, you cannot lose weight-my honour is at stake, my marriage and much more ... ...
Do not ask why is long and tedious to tell ....

So, I will prepare for tomorrow Atkinsu, TC has huge pans natusila liver with cabbage, a pity to throw out.
Tomorrow is the day it's tomato-cucumber, salad, milk.Do not believe.
But from 15 November (I just and sport in MN)-day 1.
Induction Phase I will have 14 days-20 at.
The second step is to gradually enter menu, vegetables and fruit.Pribavlau 5 w. e. per week.
It means this:
from 15 November to 28 November-20 VE

29 November-21 VE
30 November-22 VE
December 1-23 VE
2 December-24 VE
3 December 24–25 VE
4 December 24–25 VE
5 December 24–25 VE

6 December-26 VE
7 December-27 VE
December 8-28 VE
9 December-29 VE
10 December-30 VE
11 December-30 VE
12 December-30 VE

13 December-31 VE
December 14-32 VE
December 15-33 VE
December 16-34 VE
December 17-35 VE
December 18-35 VE
December 19-35 VE

December 20-36 VE
December 21-37 VE
December 22-38 VE
23 December-39 VE
December 24-40 VE
December 25-40 VE
December 26-40 VE
December 27-40 VE
December 28-40 VE
December 29-40 VE
December 30-40 VE
December 31-WALK!!!!

After holidays-unloading kefir 1 day and then sit down to traditional counting calories-am eating is 1500, excluding their harmfulness.
And so the following pregnancy.

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