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Why kg are back?!

Why kg so quickly come back?
Are you scared to get up on the scales?Especially after the holidays/weekends?
Little joy to discover that in two days you "potolsteli» two kilograms.
Hurry you cheer: Libra-true…
What is our body? From bones.Of the muscles.From any fluids such as blood, lymph, mucus. Organs and glands. And from fat.
Do you know how much you fat? At-15-20% of body weight for males and 20-25% for women.
And now, an important fact: one day, you can lose no more naest?/100-150 g of fat tissue.
You can eat the food, drink mountain holidays sea alcohol. Yes, the next day weights will show decent allowance. Just the body needs some time to get all that he had received during these days.But the fat you've embedded on more than 300-400, everything else – water, feces.
By the way, water averages 60-70% by weight of our body. It is in all respects: blood, tissues, organs, muscles, fat, and even bone-quarter consist of water. Water comes into the body with a drink and eat, and you receive through respiration, perspiration, urination and defekaciu.
How much depends on many factors.You can drink water litres and stockpile is normally employed withdrawn its allocation system for several hours.But the water may be delayed. Governed by this mechanism of water-salt balance. In life it looks something like this: after consumption of salty foods (salted fish, cheese, meat, etc.), thirsty.
And water this will stay inside you as much as necessary, to withdraw the excess salts from the body, and this day different and even more. Such fluctuations in weight due to the movement of water, can be up to one to two pounds a day!
Against the backdrop of fluctuations of water in the limits of mass changing adipose tissue, which are a maximum of 20 grams per day is simply not visible. And may not be visible. Therefore, do not panic, discovering an increase in weight.Remember: it is water.As she came, and withdraws.
The question is, what then dieting (fruit juice, Brassicaceae, etc.), 2 weeks to reduce the weight of 10 kg?
One fact that you should know: in our body, every minute, every second is called the regeneration of tissues. Old, damaged cells die and are new in their place. Thus, the body defends itself against premature wear and tear.
New cells are constructed from proteins. And proteins come to us with food, because the body cannot sintezirovat?sa.What happens when we take on heavy, low-protein diet, poor?
Since aging and wear no override, old cells continue to crumble. Here's just a new build is not so. The result is a rapid loss of dry mass: tissue organs and muscles.If we look closely at the structure of the weight, getting dumped like this layout:
• water 2 kg
• faeces 2 kg
• dry weight 4 kg
• grease 2 kg
This is week.Attempts to keep yourself in the hands of end disruption. For example, suddenly, the world feels like ice cream. All things somewhat, a little saucer.The saucer-glass.
Then, all the blue flame-Gori is destroyed and all bucket.And this is because the body is thus trying to protect us from starvation, used for centuries.
Getting up after a while, the scales after such diets, we see that every single kilogram returned back!
Oath tomorrow to start a new life, the breakfast out of the question.For dinner a feeling of hunger, but the effort will it is suppressed.In the evening, you decide to eat something light.For example, salad.
But after a plate of spaghetti wants to salads.With spagettn sauce. And grated cheese. And yet sardel?ku. The stomach is already full, but somehow invisible, unless force again pulls to the refrigerator.And then everything is eaten on the shelves: syrnik, egg-caviar, a piece of cake, green peas, sandwich sausage.
History potolstenia so massovy and so resemble one another, that of random coincidence is out of question.
Another important point: for normal functioning of our body each day requires a certain amount of nutrients, vitamins and trace minerals: potassium, sodium, iron, calcium, iodine etc.
Since most hard diets require extremely limited in quantity and composition of the diet, while sitting on a person develops severe deficits in several crucial elements.And this also contributed to the emergence of disruption.
Why kg so quickly and why is returned with the body?
How do you think, how many will need time to recover the balance of water and then fill the intestines when returning to the feed, which was before the diet?Week, ten days. Thus, we easily and naturally returned a so-called quick (water and faeces), kg: 2 + 2 = 4 kg.
Next, since we razbalansirovali our metabolism, body, having felt the threat of starvation will regularly set aside reserve each eaten kaloriu.For example, 100 g of fat per day.It is fat, such as other types of energy human body doesn't know.
And, once the meal we now get stocks, of orphaned on the diet dry mass also restored, but certainly not at the same level because, unlike FAT, muscle tissue is much slower.It a month and a half of our weight will revert to the original mark, but here's the structure weight would've recruited a few others.So, the same 10 kg but now:
• 2 kg-water;
• 2 kg-faeces;
• 2 kg dry weight.
• 4 kg fat.
Thus, 2 kilograms of dry mass zamestilis? two kilos of fat.The difference is quite substantial.First, look at the same weight you now look better because adipose tissue than muscle more loose.
Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, you significantly reduced fat burning capacity.Because the muscles and organs is the only type of tissue in the body, where the waste of energy.And if you had 20 kg dry weight, the now-only 18, i.e. 10% less.And thus you daily to 10% less food.
When once you decide to "sit" on a diet, but this time name Larisa Queen or something like that, starting positions will be less favourable, precisely because of the changing relationship between FAT/dry mass.
Decrease weight will be harder, faster, and drawn-increase would be greater.And with each new attempt.In dietary practice this phenomenon is called the pendulum, or swing.
What to do?
-Deliver achievable (long-term)
-Lose weight not faster than 1-1.5 kg/week, because it is the optimum physiological speed fat loss.
-Never go hungry, to avoid slippage.
-Never skip breakfast.
-Always eat the daily requirement of protein: 0.7-1.0 g protein per kilogram of body weight.
-Monitor the fats because they more than twice the calories, proteins and carbohydrates.
-Eat more vegetables and Greens, which are rich in fiber.
So how does eat?Today there are lots of power-and this is good because we are all different.And matched the diet must be individually.

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