Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bath salt is an indispensable assistant for relaxation

Water treatments using sea salt in our time the absolute rule. Today, it is simply impossible to learn about the origins of this procedure, so it's been a long time. However, the indisputable fact that sea salt has on the whole organism as a whole benefits: softens the skin, giving it a silkiness, eliminates many skin blemishes and imperfections, and simply encourages positive spirit.
Historic tours
The history of salt, unclear to this day, the path of. There is evidence that these spices poured blood and broke fates.  Perhaps those distant times for salt and established definition of "white" first it was used for their intended purpose, giving a taste of cooked food. But even then the Egyptians realized its beneficial effects to the skin when added to bath. Later Consul of Rome, Marcus Aurelius makes brilliant statement in which there is no doubt today.He proclaimed the highest salt, stating that it is more important, gold and live without it is not possible.The same cannot be said of gold bullion.
21 opened a lot of ways of using salt in the home, and one such is used in water treatment.
Types of salt baths:
Our time gave us an excellent opportunity to pamper the body healing bathes.This does not necessarily have to go to unknown or obtain lump of salt application maximum effort. Deliver the magic potion is able to supermarket sypucee or pharmacy chain. This expanse for connoisseurs of warmth and beauty. All salts can be attributed to two types.They are designed to enhance the effect of admission of water.
• Salt Cookbook. Usually used in combination with vegetable and essential oils.And in contrast to the sea, has a more gentle. Such salt needs to be applied to persons suffering from skin ailments.
• sea Salt. «Plus that sodium chloride is compatible with many active trace elements.Hence the superb condition of the body. If in such different kinds of additives are salt is a treasure trove for health!

Salt for the bath. Indications for use.
Depending on the additives, can be seen on the subsequent effects of the application.
• sea salt is just a few seconds to give you a sweet embrace of Morpheus and remove the accumulated fatigue. If you add the Mint, pine and extracts pustyrnika effect increased several times.
• "Revive" the skin. Here the role Of additives. 3-4 tablespoons of salt added in a bath of acne, RID faster zazivat sores and improve the appearance of the upper layers of the skin can recommend environmentally friendly and effective scrub: salt and honey.
• freedom from problems with the oporno-impellent device. Includes freedom from osteoartrozy, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, arthrosis, rheumatism. And it also gives positive effect on the nervous system.
• effective in treating psoriasis.Delaying the progression of the disease and softening already formed plaque.
• helps to get rid of Spike blood pressure.But be careful to steer clear of hypertensive crisis.The water temperature must not be more than 37 ° c.
• Salt struggles with cramps.Simply warm bath-great panacea for the problems, but only enhances and accelerates waiting for the result.The entire secret in penetrating dissolved trace elements in the cells of the skin and muscles.
Salt bath weight Options.This choice depends on the taste.You don't just buy Salt.You can prepare yourself.Bundle of sea salt or in combination with a few drops of a powerful aromatics competition shopping product.Such a bath not only give you energy, strengthen the body, but also to give positive emotions.

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