Thursday, November 11, 2010

Starting FitLinxx


Well, I had my orientation y FitLinxx program tonight Its pretty cool.

I have the ID to use to log on to the system. When I do she knows my settings for 8 content/recover machinery, which include the daily "walking--they want, you can do this 3 times a week, which I'm going to try for. I use to make walking ten minutes to get my heart rate will make 8 machines and, subsequently, then walking 20-45 minutes. I can log all things my cardio vascular manual (not automatically saved as 8 machines) and it will keep track of what you've burned and my progress so far.Which is just completely cool and can I get to my entries on the Internet.So that when I get back from my daily walk can save it as soon as possible before I forget.

Well so I like where technology helps me out with things like this. now, if only the weight will start dropping to go with all the effort I've put into this!

Posted by .Deb Atwood on August 27, 2002 09: 32 PM

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