Wednesday, November 10, 2010

French Meadow Bakery Organic Fat Flush Tortillas

French Meadow Bakery Organic Fat Flush Tortillas

French Meadow bakery offers a range of organic and natural products including yeast-free, vegan, sprouted grains and kosher options in many forms, including bread, tortillas, bagels and desserts. Grain germinating French Meadow "Fat Flush Plan" tortillas certainly caught my attention and it was enough that I bought a pack (10-inch size).

Serving size: 1 tortilla (56 grams)
Calories: 100
Total Fat: 1.5 grams, 2%
Saturated fat: 0%
Sodium: 210 mg, 9%
Carbohydrates: 35 grams
Fiber: 7 grams, 28%
Sugar: 2 g
Proteins: 11 grams

I even did not know he was like something that the Flush Fat diet – but apparently there (see DietsinReview for more info).Well... but I'm not on a diet plan.I'd just healthy foods that taste great.Texture of these tortilla is not soft and doughy, as could be expected, but strong and pliable.Les grain sprouted add an element of chewing and texture, while also providing a very filling product that will keep your belly convinced that feed you the rest of your day - depending on what fillings you naturally piles in tortilla .Ma last creation involves tuna mixed with salsa, fried beans & some lettuce dechiquetee.Proteine & fiber baby power protein power!

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Each 10-inch French Meadow bakery organic Whole Wheat fat Flush Tortillas provides a 200 calories satiating, 1.5 grams of total fat, no saturated fats, 210 mg of sodium (9% of the DV), a whopping 7 grams of fibre (28% of the DV), 2 grams of sugar and 11 grams of proteines.La list organic ingredients is incredibly short and lists of the bays of biological sprouted wheat, organic organic organic germinated barley, organic germinated millet envelopes organic psyllium, sea salt, malt extract vital wheat gluten organic germinated lenses, germinated organic soybeans, organic berries sprouted spelt (wheat), guar gum.

Well that might step taste as a "typical" tortilla typical of soft and doughy (tasty as mission over 96% Fat Free Burrito Tortillas pas) but do not write the large.La list of ingredients is so much better, and you cannot beat the quantity of fibers and proteins! I could not buy French Meadow bakery "The Fat Flush Plan" tortillas every single week; but they will be certainly in my kitchen from time to time, to help keep things interessantes.Un pack with large 6 wraps of $3.50.

{Website: French Meadow bakery}

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