Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Braised salmon in creamy sauce with dill.

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Ingredients : basis – salmon 250 gr., cream 100 ml., cucumber 1 PCs., Greens, dill, lemon loaf, 2 spoons of oil, condiments: Quince and salt.

Fillet of salmon carefully washed in cold running water, cut it into pieces and 2 a la carte with grated spices (pepper, salt), cut in half lemon juice seafood sbryzgivaem.

Then my cucumber and cut in half, obsusivaem, one half of a grinded blade, other narezaem thin edges.

Going green with dill, washed well, and retained obsusivaem sinkuem to decorate a few sprigs of ready meals.

A hottest vegetable oil in a frying pan, poured a cream and carefully turned, well-ventilated fires.In the resulting creamy butter mixture is added to the Greens, cucumber, dill and again turned, well-ventilated fires, reducing fire and carcasses to thickening.

When the sauce is ready, put the finished pieces of salmon and tuna, necessarily turn 20 minutes once in the process of putting out.Until the fish is prepared, the remaining half lemon narezem thin circles.

Salmon Readymade dishes should be put on one piece of each, blessed with sauce and finally, adorned and dill, lemon dish circles.

As a garnish, razlazivaem along the edge of the plate, polukruzia cucumber, slight podsoliv.

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