Wednesday, November 10, 2010


My breast, see izmereniaVesOb?em waist, thighs, see Volume.

Hello world! My name is Marina, 20 years old. Excess weight has never suffered.But unfortunately, the shape is now far neideal?na.
After many attempts to lose weight, eat healthy meals, or for example there is only the result after 6, and 68 kg! (this increases 168.5) I sbrosla weighing up to 65. And he's already in the autumn and is kept. That, of course, very happy, but not ideal. Previously weighed 55.And was glad, not noticed as well be a slender, not appreciated this. All girlfriends envied, but apparently the gift of nature had not appropriate.
say I had ton ate chocolate and cakes can't, but was so gresok and all because of the curse of stress.Probably because I'm zaedala, and every month getting worse and worse Sad
Popolnela on several sizes, in old clothes Sad vlazu not Gore simply lie in jeans, would like to distribute all Cabinet and then decided to give yourself a last chance.
Person popolnelo and in pictures is very visible, so that you live too large-sizeSad

Today saw the photo, done a year ago and was sad, and agreed to all enough!!!You need to take in hands!!!

So, starting already 64.5-with him somewhere and startSmile

Chose diet Eyes.Wish me good luckSmile Sexy

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