Thursday, November 11, 2010

day 47. in neponâtky)


Decoki, greetings to all.

This condition I have 2 if in a trance-learning can't the focus, the movie does not want to look ...
and the next week at the wedding to brother will beauty =)

Today on the CCL but it goes a lot I think.
morning oatmeal-200kkl
CCL-200 day yogurt
lunch ate attention! g crab sticks (so I feel like you can't =))) all bought everything and ate ...I hope it's okay.t to CCL has 300 dots.
a little greci poela and 2 small Bullseye.
Yet according to plan I have 2 orange and kefir for the evening.
t e somewhere around 1300 CCL will together) OK, I guess.
Oh, Lord, I will tomorrow be weighed.hope to see at least 65 kg!!!
Sport this week bad…There is no way (

A bit off topic ... here I am now 5 course atmosphere under terrible is our group company parasites (I call them that) is the girls who live in the negative, love and rude, speletnicat? generally put herself Queen. Ron unpleasant to communicate with them: a solid stuff.
So, I decided not to go exam, TC with people I'd like to chat, we will arrange your holiday =))) why do people talk to)

Thus, we continue to lose weight, patience and good luck), we will all???...DAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!))))))))))))))))))

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