Thursday, November 11, 2010

Strolling ...Think ...

Weights shown 70.0.
The first day, which projected a success. Third day overnight cisu teeth, third day diet, exercise, the second day of the evening. Try more or less performing scheduled for the day. Not all am, of course, but the important thing ...The main thing I eat according to plan, there is minimal, but physical activity.
When beginning to twist the hoop – felt a little sore muscles. A day without you! Pine glanula at skakalku. Perhaps you should try every 50 to hop. Even made the news: 30 times top 30 times lower. Sitting 30 times. Hoop 15 minutes.Put your favorite songs. Sang them and noticed how passed 15 minutes.
Think about wrap with red pepper.This past winter made it once a week. Sometimes two. So far only in design but necessarily impl.
Power suit. Even ob?elas? tonight. I'm not trying to cook lightly umen?sau portions. Why?Because the stomach the spaced out. I'm learning to feel the taste of food rather than fill the stomach before refusing it. I feel the sense of satiety. Carefully perezevyvau meal.
With the liquid until the problem. During the day seemed a little drink. Except as explained by the fact that I come with the first glass of drink kefir and cup of tea? And then in the course of the evening another 2 mugs?
To good (in my case the good, the yummy, but harmful foods) quickly accustomed to it. Vyrabatyvau habit to eat correctly, doing the exercises, brushing our teeth at night and save. Say, repeating myself? Yes. Speak them myself all this.
Inside me calm and balanced State. It surprises me a little. But this I know. This feeling of self-confidence. Self-confidence. Something similar I felt in that moment when I've got everything turned out.
Burn the leaves things to do. Vycerkivau progresses. With products too like undecided. Buy necessary to plan the next day.Just the right or only on the following day. The fridge was not too much temptation. Vegetable preferred pay what from your garden. Cabbage, carrot, beetroot, yet even there.
I bake, boil and simmer. So much!! Of course while constantly think about food.What will I eat what I eat.
Weights are not hid, but feel that attitude has changed. In recent years often started dieting, threw them. Done unloading days and then naedalas?. Scales, certainly not thanked me plumbs. I zlilas? figures they showed. Angry it themselves. Pathetic attempts to throw the weight of a single handling day something different like violence. Fed, fed it to the correct food and you: chips, pies and salads.
Waited for instant results.I think it's my common sense took his leave on time and are now beginning to work.I again began to realize that the best get rid of 1-2 pounds per week.100 gr. + 100 gr., per month will be pretty bad.Well considering that there are and plumbs 500 gr.and in 900 ...!Decided not to introduce itself off all superfluous.To secretly move weight.Kopeck ruble saves said.And I'll add plumbs the Spike.

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