Thursday, November 11, 2010

Children and adolescents

I've been gone for some time, that a few times. And I always a reason. I spent my summer on message boards for kids.Oh, Yes, they exist. There is one for seven years and up.

Sure, the words were incorrect and bad grammar, but read it.And it was shocking to see what types of things have been talking about. There were 4 Club for diets.[A Club is a special group of members that share interests]. I was in two of these, only to see the kinds of things they said.

And this is really what he said.In a group, they were posting their weights and heights. most of them had frail or media, but that is not what he said. They called obese and talked about starting a diet. their diet plans were extreme, usually don't eat.

I remember a thread so vividly [even if it was deleted]. the girl said that diet best for not eating anything except for dinner and also that it should be small, only the size of your hand.

I was shocked, and I wasn't the only .Ma, we were the only two who tried to tell them what was right. That hunger of yourself that you need to eat your food and exercise to lose weight, was right.

But these girls don't listen. They said that if you exercise, it would only gain weight because you gain muscle.

My Own Path
As I sat here and read their posts, I couldn't believe it.But, when I was in the kitchen, with my brother by calling my "idiot fat" and "tub of lard", I realize that once I was like them.

And the worst thing is that I was exactly like them. I had just turned 12, and I had learned about eating disorders.But I didn't think I had one.I wasn't starving myself, I must not be anorexic. But, certainly not eat as much as I.

And, it's funny because I have grown only about 3 inches, and weighs 30 pounds of me more than I did then.I made up to 98 pounds, before anything happened. something inside me just snapped, and I started to eat again.

But, that was months later months weighing 98.And, perhaps these girls have not that long.

So, because we let our children on notice boards? because we must let them be obese? because we must let them starve themselves?

While my time there has raised many questions, I don't have answers. parents are like them.

I know that was true for me, my mom has eaten infrequently, you always went to the gym and had always complained about his weight [even if you are underweight]. And, thats why I did it.

My point.
I know it was a long time, so you can exit right and say that ...
I am glad that this site isn't. I am glad that you parents do not log off and tell your daughter or son starve herself. Here we learn to lose weight healthily, and that's what children must learn .This is what schools should teach.

Thank you


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