Monday, November 8, 2010

Catharsis with rice

Mimic wrinkles overtake us in quite a young age. This is the result of reducing the mimic muscles, eye addiction prisurivania pursing his forehead and a love of the grimaces.
Considered a cream from wrinkles need after thorough signs of aging, but do not expect this beauticians reviews aging skin. Better start using special creams when the first signs of aging. In this case, you will be able to get rid of wrinkles in a month through a special cream and exercises. So you can push the withering skin for years to come.If the changes have already appeared, you can still turn back the clock.
Today there are many fancy tools to combat first wrinkles, but we will try to recover your skin with gymnastics, aerobics, massages.
Muscles of the face is constantly in motion. They help us to express their feelings. Movement is constantly accompanied by muscle tension and relaxation occurs infrequently.Over time, lack of relaxation will result in the loss of elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles.Gymnastics person can be quite effective against these wrinkles.Exercise will stimulate blood circulation and muscle and skin incident – returns the former beauty.
Begin to struggle for beautiful skin.
Exercises for the forehead.
There are two types of exercises. The first type allows you to deal with the consequences of anger, and the second against wrinkles on the forehead.
The first type. You need to put fingers to the base of the eyebrows and carefully keep skin. At the same time shift eyebrows.
The second type. You need to put your fingers on the forehead and eyebrows pull up. You must get the sample without delaying the breath.
Skin of eyelids.
Now save your skin. Because the skin near the century is particularly sensitive. Here are a few natural moisture, resulting in issuseniu and deformation of the skin. In addition, this site is a great mimic load.
Every evening to do massage around the eyes. Standing pads fingers go into a smooth sliding circular movements that seek to inner corner. Now you need to average fingers press 7 once on the outside corners of the eyes.This recipe from Chinese doctors. This massage is done with the addition of cream.
The smile on his face interlocutor is always a smile in response.But love the smile leads to appearance of wrinkles. During childhood skin quickly returns to its original position. But over the years from all smiles is a tiny footprint on the face. Of course, you can turn anyone into a lifeless mask, but better use a fairly simple tips – and continue to please her charming smile environment.
Start the procedure of rejuvenation.
First person smazyvaem oil or oily cosmetics cream.Prohodimsa on the forehead, Chin and cheeks.Now go to exercise.
1. do I have to say About "sound", while strenuously round the lips.Must necessarily be straining the muscles of the lips.Then relax them.Such repeated 5-10 times.
2. the following exercise called "Lizard".Presses lips to teeth, increasing muscle.Because the slack off the lips.Such repeated 6-8 times.
3. do I have to pull the lips for a kiss.Prestressed lips.View up to 5 and slack off.Repeat approximately 8 times.
This simple exercise throughout the week will result in a tremendous effect.
Just the right facial can save tender female face of traces of premature demise.Could not be reckless to own beauty.Best of cosmeticians and cream than a scalpel surgery.
Follow these simple tips and get compliments from others.

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