Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Trident Passionberry Twist Gum

Trident Passionberry Twist GumTrident sure have a lot of chewing gum gums with the word "Twist" in the name-so far we have reviewed the Trident Minty Sweet Twist rubber and Trident Tropical Twist rubber, both of which had excellent variants. Well, I might as well as continue on with the "twists" so I decided to try Trident Passionberry Twist rubber. From what I can hear from the pack, it is a twist passionfruit, raspberry and blackberry.

Serving size: 1 piece
Calories: 3.5
Total fat: 0%
Saturated fat: 0%
Sodium: 0%
Carbohydrate: 1 gram
Fiber: 0%
Sugar: 0 grams
Sugar alcohols: 1 gram
Protein: 0 grams

This gum has a pretty standard tropical taste-means no 1 identifiable fruit, in particular, and it is also slightly minty. I am not the biggest fan of tropical fruits, passionfruit included, but I must say that Trident did good here., the last Taste not really long time, but it is pleasant, while chewing.

This gum is low-cal (3.5 calories per unit), but the pieces are small Sweetener xylitol is used. [citation needed] and a few other sugar alcohols, instead of artificial sweeteners.

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I bought an 18-pack for $ 1.29, which is not a bad price. I chew gum on a regular basis-I do not know why, but I do not think that there are too many days when I have not put a piece in my mouth when I study or in the class. Trident Passionberry Twist rubber I would happily bum a piece of this thing from a friend, but I would probably buy a pack, although it is not that it is not a decent flavor, but I just file handling wowed and would rather keep on experimenting.

What is your favorite flavor or brand of chewing gum?

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