Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10 November 2010, Wednesday-60.9 kg

My breast, see izmereniaVesOb?em waist, thighs, see Volume.

Today was a day for almost 2 hours of the night, and I'm just out of the soul after exfoliation ideal and massage, hopefully after this quantity of coffee (though outwardly) safely usnu ... Today the husband went on a business trip to Saturday, and we have two daughters ... the vykroila per day for about an hour in the morning until she had slept well and at night when she sleeps. I have no idea how to handle single mamaski-24 HOURS alone ... scratch_one-s_head Day tried to wave down, but really nothing (for fear of inadvertently injure children be implanted with). Limited press and a streamer and vpolsily because this kinda wanted to climb the Barbarian sure me. ... dance2 Need to search for tomorrow, exercises, I saw something like on TV.Maybe someone know?
Here are my today:
09: 00 little kotletka, coffee with milk b/c, 2 rye krispa
10: 00 Charging with Cindy
10: 50 another kotletka
11: 20 rybno, Masovian Voivodeship-cheese soup
15: 00 1.5 chicken breast, 1 l. buckwheat (residues), cucumber
18: 00 yogurt and 3 cernosliviny
Daaaa, will I feel with this menu crazy protein overload, well what can I do pardon-they happen, all that was pod?edala prepare it didn't feel like ...
And here's something else here has learned that just opened a new fitness club, and we went with docur exploration I bothers-profane dichotomy in this never visited such institutions, but after yesterday's discussion about power loads, realized that maybe I didn't have enough.I liked many trainers fse-500 sq.m., big hall for group, central air conditioning, in the locker room 2 shower.cabins and sauna, cabinets with latches, Spa, bar ... and free introductory "lesson" with instructor and 1 massage!By the way, could tell me what pitfalls exist, what to pay attention ... and then PROSLAPU!Annual card limit is given by discount 14600 shares (can you imagine how old are you so much and discount Manager said that recently had a discount ... happy1 64 per cent) in my opinion, cheap for London?
Remaining until the end of her husband, okucit? phone Rapture does not hear his voice ...but hope gave!
Well that's kinda reported for deeeen?!Spokojnojnoci ... ... Hrrrrprrrrrr ... ... ...)))))

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