Thursday, November 11, 2010

Time to try again!

Hey there's been a couple of days since I last wrote. I really mad at me because I gained 3 pounds and stuff and I was eating enough food and not too so the last few days that my eating was nuts ... that I realized only make things worse I felt things were already. I guess you can't lose weight if you're pigging on rubbish! Anyway I had some medical problems to address that is making things difficult too. Nothing serious discomfort only.

I keep saying that I'm going to do things, but nothing ever happens. I eat well for a while, then give up.Exercise regularly for a while, then stops. how many times I have to try to do it right.

Reminds me of when I tried to quit smoking. I've tried many times to quit. Probably more than 20 different occasions I tried to quit smoking. Now I've been smoke free for 6 months, give or take.I think what is like to changing lifestyles. you have to keep trying. Every attempt that only get closer to success.

So here I am after doing and all.Pigging just because I had a few pounds. Forgetting my goals.I didn't give enough of a chance. I guess now I won't.

Oh and someone told me that eat smaller meals more frequently during the day, it works better ... seriously works better for me. I must say that I do is so hungry with the time I get home from work:

Anyway that is all for tonight:

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