Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Perfect unloading))))

and to him was molokocaj: 200 gr. cheese curds with 1 4 boiled egg, egg (egg as)). All! So from plummet even do not know or not. But almost died at trenazerke: today was cardio, 20 minutes by bicycle, press, 20 minutes by bicycle, 10 minutes by bike. For another 10 minutes and press forces are no longer enough. Was wet from the soul. And her husband decided to do a surprise walk after rocking with me. And I don't have a spare clothing, hair wet shower nothing took thought as usual at home in the UK. Shorter than 15 minutes, posusilas? posidela and there walking, 1 hour of walking, podzamerzli. But bought salt and bath with salt. So still maybe otvesik)dance2

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