Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Care of the neck and decollete.

We often see in the mirror of your face and hair. And what about the neck? About it, we forget completely in vain. Indeed, the neck can easily issue of our age, even if we carefully take care of the face and hands. Leather on the neck is very thin, and therefore requires constant care, the maintaining of elasticity and firmness its muscles.
To the neck looks perfect, its nice to be able to dress: the right collar is already half the battle in the charm of this part of the female body, and necklaces and scarves will not only hide flaws, but even more to emphasize its beauty.
But the neck is not only aesthetic, but also practical function – it serves as a basis for our heads.A correct natural neck magically alters our shape and gait, filling more ease and grace.
In fact, to have a Royal posture to cite the own body in harmony with the space.

She cared for at home.
Cold water relaxes the muscles and tissues of the skin and supports them in tone from the temperature difference.
The best procedure – shower thin Jet under high pressure.Now there are many devices for such procedures, they create the effect of massage and activate the blood circulation.
If you do not have any such vehicle or soul, you can do differently to moisten the folded several times beach towel in very cold water and Pat them neck thirty times.
You can also massage the Chin and neck piece of ice for 30 seconds.Ice should wrap at flanelev fabric – thus you warn your irritated and red spots.
Our developed industry now produces many creams for skin care.If, after applying the cream you will feel a sense of tingling, do not panic, this is a normal reaction of the organism.
Sleep is on a flat bed, especially if you love to sleep on his back.If your bag is high, then sleep on the skin of the neck are formed grooves, which can turn into wrinkles.Remember that the bed you spend a third of his life, during which time you may either improve or worsen its neck.
If you want to make beautiful too thin neck, then use the Hala hoop.Vertite his neck every day.
Good effect also offers massages neck, right after the massage.Massazirujte neck finger upwards.Before you start a session of massage apply moisturizer on your neck.
The back of the neck, too, need to massage a hard brush using a neutral SOAP.
If you have very dry skin, then the soul, its dry, apply vyterev moisturizer.
Well, if leather neck fat, lubricate cap oil.

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