Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My third day

the third day with site registration and second nutrition.
Not really a nice today with meals.
In the morning was oatmeal on milk and casska tea with a lemon.
But still it was a terrible headache!Ad nauseam.But that's not what eating little weather reacting, there's a magnetic storms occur.Had to drink otravit?sa-pill.
Lunch zmen?ka boiled buckwheat without oil and steam cutlet (2 pieces)
snack-3 Mandarin and preved Apple 2 boool?s
and ... everything ....
having dinner there again (EH ... Goodbye soup with teftel?ky ...) had to stay on the job. Came home so late that GVA sleep sometimes.Where to eat Well at night. I sleep and stomach work? No, they won't.Popila the water and at the time, dryhnut? bochok happy9

Nacitalas? site many yesterday (with success) very sparing not have photographed before losing weight. So one must take is a note and a photo taken, even on the phone. So even significantly for yourself would (I wonder where those folds back to disappear? it seems to me that this is the worst in tolstenii when this whole pokryvaes?sa folds back as bad tetka marketplace).

And was recently at a seminar on the psychology of weight loss. To understand how to lose weight to listen to the reasons why tolsteem. A noted 2 factors:
1. Is there a certain "theory fun mouth."It is that everyone gets the pleasure of talking, eating, singing, etc. If you pick something from this list you will get a sense of insufficiency of this fun mouth and man begins to replace him, but in the same category.For example, communication with PCs.Nedopoluc udovol?stvee in communication we compensate his food!crazy And can precisely-many website helps (here in communion, have a look)?
2. Cause potolstenia can serve as a psychological factor-changing social environment, changes in terms of communication, work, study, marriage/Birth child marriage, etc. also falls into this category.People start cannot find yourself in this environment cannot determine a way of life, either by zasisaetsa from external environment.Thick Boca laugh1 Such protection, the mother and child-if a woman wants to be the best mother for her child, she unconsciously begins to eat more and listen to different tips to make it more milk.She realizes his desire, but the weight is too mimovol?no displayed.Once is a psychological problem-easier resi? issue diet pills.But of course, this would still have to work (the weight does not change).

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