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"How to save the firm decided to lose weight and get the shape of your dreams?If nothing else, you can help.

According to a study published by the journal Journal of the American Medical Association, cash boost helps slimming is much faster to get rid of overweight than Guide to better health. Self-discipline is improving very fast people when the achievement of these objectives depends upon loss or receive money.

Professor of the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Kevin Volpp divided into groups 57 adult (mostly male) wanting to lose weight. In one group were dumped kilograms, and the other did not give anything.The prizes were of two types.

In one group of participants experience every day receive lottery tickets, but a win is paid at the end of the trial period, and only if the person sought objective is the desired weight.In the second group experiment participants owe scientists themselves every day for three dollars in return for a promise that they will bring them money in case of successful weight loss.

The difference was three-fold.16 weeks those hudel for money, on average, lost six kilograms, while the free diet dropped slightly less than two kilograms.

From among the people, for a fee, hudevs desired weight was approximately half of those who did not have a financial incentive — only one tenth of it.
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After seven months of paid slimming again scored most lost pounds, the truth, their weight was still lower than before the experiment.The control group, free diet.

These results suggest that concern about health for many people is not enough incentive to eliminate harmful pleasures — eating delicious food, sweets and cigarettes, explained Dr. Volpp agency Reuters Health.

The prospect of reward in the indefinite future abstract for its efforts quickly forgotten, while the opportunity to receive money right away (or risk losing them) does not give people.

Similar results have come and Professor at Yale University Dean Karlan and Ian Ayres, who conducted an experiment with monetary incentives for smoking cessation.Scientists have learned very quickly that material incentive helps to almost all purposes. Together with student Jordan Goldberg, they created a website where people can invest in achieving their goals.

This person must register on the site, make a promise to fulfil, and random amount to deposit your credit card.

If it fails to meet the target (the system is based on reports by the participants themselves, therefore, implies not only a high level of self-discipline, but also honesty), with a credit card is the amount that is spent on charity or other predetermined goal.

Statistics show that 80-90 percent of users that the site gathered over the years tens of thousands of really achieve the objectives. Along with traditional purposes associated with reduced weight and smoking cessation, there are also such promises, for example, to forgive someone live in New York, write a week at least one song, better care for their skin.
According to scientists, such artificial monetary incentives help cope with them, such as essentially a lazy man: we have constantly postponed unpleasant classes even if we are convinced of their usefulness.

CNN said Harvard University Economics Professor David Lejbson deferred job seem much more simple than obligations requiring immediate execution.Why delaying sex creates a false impression that the problem or task easier.And when it is pending execution time, delaying it again, you can simplify the task.
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However, monetary incentives are not always effective.Professor at the University of California at Berkeley, Stefano Vigna conducted a survey among visitors gyms, who preferred to pay $ 80 per month, while a visit worth ten dollars.

It turned out that the owners of monthly season tickets come in meeting only once a week, every month lost 40 dollars.That they would prefer a monthly payment of a one-off, demonstrated their overly optimistic assessment of its upornosti.

On the Internet have already appeared on the metropolis may conclude with each other and earn money for dumped overweight.According to Dr. Volpp, this idea can be applied, for example, insurance companies and employers, so that people have an incentive to improve their health and reduce the costs associated with the disease.
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An incentive for effective weight loss?Tell us about your project to reduce weight to a friend, husband or daughter and suggest them to pay money for each kilogram of weight, which could not be reset or Smile recruited after weight loss should be weighed once a week and only in the morning!On the morning of the exact weight.In this day and calculate the time of reckoning for aimlessly living week.Unless, of course, aimlessly:) "

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