Thursday, November 11, 2010

eat healthy ...

well, this week I ate much healthier type. I bought some of those little cups of fruit and some applesauce, so I'm finally getting my fruits and veggies, because eating always lots of veggies. can't live without them. I don't eat much meat this week and that he was crazy lastnite. but that's only because we were low budget this week and I bought only pasta and veggies. anyhoo, went grocery shopping lastnite and guess what I bought myself to eat this week??? I bought anything but the fish to eat. all types. I bought a box of plates which fish, who are fat, but oh so well. I bought a single piece of scallops (because walmart now performs these things fish of individual service shortly. 88cent in the freezer. I had a bag of individual service of tilapia with red peppers and prawns, and a singler serve pouche of tilapia with orange and ginger. If I like these bags of fish, I'll get those all the time, because I love the fish. so we'll see how it works this week. Since I've done good to not eat much lastweek and I had a lot of fruit, a little splurged and bought some rice pudding to take to work as a snack. The only thing I haven't done this week was drinking water. I just drank any at all. at work, is soda those 25 cents, due to the fact that our stupid water machine (choice of sam 35 cents has always been out or broken in sat at the breakroom, and if you try to get some from the front doors in that machine, which is always out there too. * sighs * honestly 75cents refusal to pay for a bottle of water, that is freaking ridiculous!!!, but I get SIPs from the water fountain, which is cool, but doesn't taste as good ... ugh, what should I do???? anyhoo, I think that's all for now we'll see how it goes this week. I just moved to a new apartment and there's lots of space for me to exercise in my soggiornowoohoooooo

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