Tuesday, November 9, 2010


To be as attractive to men, many women are ready for any sacrifice. Deep epilation – procedure of pleasant, it implies the complete removal of hair in the inguinal region, pubic, between the buttocks. It's quite painful, and the procedure can confuse most bashful ladies. But as far as it gives excellent results – a sense of purity, sexual attractiveness and emancipation lead woman again and again in cosmetology for this procedure. And women are almost independent of the deep epilation.
This procedure can be performed in different ways – hot wax hair removal, laser, bioepilaci fotoepilaci. Deep epilation became fashionable with a light hand first salon in America, who opened the seven sisters-painted Brasilian ladies. Shop specialized on deep (Brazilian) epilation. Now the smoothness of the body was included into fashion, and whereas in order to maintain the smoothness of the women had to almost every day to enjoy the shaving machine, now just once a month to go on a deep epilation.When using laser hair removal and photoepilation permanently became reality after only a few procedures.
Before you leave to use wax depilation, since after the procedure photoepilation sunbathing is not permitted.
Deep epilation gaining popularity not only women but also men – they also remove hair at the pubic and buttocks.
  This procedure offers Woman do in a few days after the end of menstruation – this time sensitivity is reduced. To ease painful sensations during the treatment, there are many painkillers sprays and gels that minimize the discomfort of epilation.
Before performing a deep cleansing wipes epilation proposed for intimate hygiene or shower (the cabin). The client then razdevaetsa and lie on the couch, widely expanded feet. Wax is hot wax, because under his influence, and hair pores are more easily removed.The wax is applied to all fields where you want to remove hair, small stripes. Then he gave a little cool, then sharp hairline movement against tear off wax from the skin. After the impact of wax are disinfectants and sedatives. But remember, in deep epilation risk ingrowth of hair in the skin. To avoid this, use the scrub and hard sponge.
Deep using photo-epilation laser methods enable you to quickly and permanently remove unwanted hair.But there is a lack of efficacy seen only when you are applying in the dark hair.If you have blonde hair and use a different procedure such as wax.Also remember that each of these methods have their limitations.Some of them: pregnancy, cancer, chronic and acute skin diseases, varicose veins, diabetes mellitus, herpes, and moles, warts in the ground plan of epilation.More about contraindications ask a specialist performing the procedure.
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