Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 9 November

My breast, see izmereniaVesOb?em waist, thighs, see Volume.

All good evening.

Nothing would write today, so as not to flush its not really a good custom.I gain good a kg. *****-/*//////*/*-* (this is untranslatable mat).

If you like nothing I did yesterday, I don't know, WMS may further what CD. Okay.Would like to arrange an unloading and thought well it… Kg kg will come ... and withdraws and Fig. ..

Her husband Said this morning that I all such miserable prinescastn, try again and Lo hudeu + 1 kg.What does it authoritatively stated that I'm stupid that I hudeu and noticeable ... Well, what Libra is excited is because I have not visited the toilet (sorry for this intimate details). As a result of his words, I realized that I won't torment yourself unloading. Zavarila molokocaj and ate the cheese itself.

BTW, huh, I started to drink molokocaj.Morning and evening on the Cup. This is of course not quite perfect sounds. But so did my sister before very lost.

Lunch ate steamed vegetables and fish teftelu.
The snack 30 g of nuts.

At the dinner hosted a feast: broth (it really was a few vegetables), banana, 50 GR (!!!) of chocolate and 50 grams of white wine (and now another 50 going to drink).So, in the evening.Tomorrow will be 65 kg or more.

By the way, decided to start a course, now I am looking for ingredient.Nuze turpentine, bran and coniferous powder ...don't know where to get.And here's a wrap, Oh aresila.Somehow doesn't me Vista wallow in wet trapke 2 hours.

All otvesiky and good nightSmile

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