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Classical complex of exercises for the thighs and buttocks. (Power trenerovka)

There are only 6 exercises. But in my opinion, they are very good for hips-classic.

1. put your Legs look forward together, socks, arms bent at the elbows. Start down that want to sit on a Chair, you keep your hand in one position.But half-way stop and birth, count to three and stand up.

Taking the initial position, right leg with elongated toe cap otvedi back. By compressing the buttocks, in such a position at zaderzis? seconds.Change your feet after each series of 12 repetitions. Simplified version: when doing the exercises much prisedaj.


2. put your Feet together, arms, thighs.Take a step back and right foot drop off foot on one line with left foot (as if he's gonna make a curtsey). Prisad? to left thigh was almost parallel to the floor. Zaderzis? in this posture by times-two or three.

Vozvratis? in initial position and make a right foot surge we aside. Running the specified series of exercises on one foot, repeat the same with the other leg.Simplified version: Exclusive practice Mahi and after each sit-ups reveransa right back to their original position.


3. put your Legs as wide as possible, in part, the socks are hands on hips. Keeping your back straight and with force straining press, start to drop down to the lowest height — to thighs were almost parallel to the floor.In this situation the Zaderzis? through time-2-3.

Then we make a sharp vypramis? and left foot in the opposite direction — as if you want to hit a soccer ball. And keep on practicing. After a series of replays with one leg, do the same with others. Simplified version: Exclusive Mahi feet and leave only playoff.


4. Lag on fields with bent knees (zamet? that between the thighs should stay the distance), feet try to raise as much as possible. Lightly press and buttocks, and thighs just put down the back up so that there are "bridge".Then start lower buttocks down to just two (until the mid level) and right back up again. Exercises for the third approach, rather than spring movement podvigaj buttocks-style rock and roll.Namely, the "bridge" napragi first right hip and thigh, raised the same, then do the same with the left side, and so in turn 12 times. Simplified version: Between approaches opuskajsa rest on the floor.


5. stand up to the knees, the palms were at the level of the shoulders, knees, hips, and press-in pressure.Right leg vytani back themselves to a continuation of the back. Lightly press the knee to the chest, then podtani again vypri leg and 12 times.

Now vytani right leg and in Tempe start to swing up and down movement (amplitude, about 5 cm). Do 12 repetitions.

On the right leg at the knee Sogni so that the stop was made up, and repeat this movement have 12 times. All this for one leg. Now repeat the same with the other leg. Simplified version: do focus on the forearm.


6. stand up straight, feet together, arms put on the hip.Right foot make maximum progress.Fold it in my knee opustis? to thigh was parallel to the floor.Zaderzis? in this position for 30 seconds.Then one quick movement ottolknis? sex right leg and put it behind, as if making a step backwards.And again my opustis? in, but now there is the thigh of the left foot.Keep your body in this position for 30 seconds.Go on to do shots right foot.After a series of repetitive change leg. Simplified version: To never go out of the first attack on the second one, make a stop. Doing so: first attack at the front, then come back to the starting position and then attack from behind.


We recommend that customers perform: 3 times a week on the schedule:

Week 1 and 2
Make another approach of 12 repetitions per exercise.
Week 3 and 4
Repeat exercise twice, meaning that you do on two approaches.
Week 5-8
Load is increased and now any exercise is a threefold approach.

Excerpted from:

From: 12 repetitions is very, very little.I think you need to start well at least 30 repetitions of each science and gradually increase.Add a banner.

Still exercises a good internal muscle:

a) lying on back, leg angles.Rear legs and reduced.Tempo complete alternate.

b) lie on the side.Stretch the Legs as if you'd like to take the twine (lower leg forward, upper back).Lower leg lift up as possible.

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