Thursday, November 11, 2010

3 day diet and negative 2.4 kg

On Sunday, fell on the scales. Fresh air and nice village food + trip gave me on how much RAM. So all in all, + 3 kg.
What should I do?
It is clear that here one RD doesn't help.
I chose 3 day rice diet.
3 days I can withstand anything.
So, 1 day breakfast-coffee, rice, boiled without salt with lemon 100 gr cedr (delicious!)+ Apple;
lunch-vegetable broth + ris100 grey with green + 150 g boiled vegetables (cabbage, carrot)
dinner: soup vegetables + 100 g rice with grated carrots.

On the morning of-minus 1.2 kg.

Day 2:
breakfast, Orange + coffee + rice;
lunch: vegetable broth, vegetables boiled. 150 GR + 100 g rice
dinner: rice with vegetables

on the morning of-700 GR

Day 3: breakfast rice with cinnamon + coffee + grapefruit;
lunch-rice + cucumber + stewed mushrooms 150 GR
dinner: rice + vegetable broth + CTE.broccoli 150 Gr.
Saw-how many would like, anytime-water, tea, tea with milk.

On the morning of-minus 500 gr.

Feel really good, moved all oedema, easy, hunger is not felt.Too big for it on the first day.
Today I protein per day.
Protein from Tomorrow until lunch, dinner-carbohydrates.

Perhaps next week I'll RD on rice.
The diet can be found in online conversations.It is usually called "3 day rice diet".
Council have problem with edema and rapid weight gain.
Yes, I was researching all without salt.
But at the same time my weight more than a year 1.5 kg.So what else clean 2-2.5 kg.

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