Thursday, November 11, 2010

How do I know the level of intelligence

What do you think about the development of intellect. Not many know about methods of development of thinking that can bring it to a qualitatively new level, and you're going to be one of the few.

Most people believed that the real conversion rate of your mind is the assessment that you received in school. Somebody is guided by results of IQ-test …and only a few know the only indicator that can be used to objectively assess smart you are!

Why do I need to be smart?
Your intelligence is something that is always with you. The mind is a powerful tool which, if able to effectively use it, is capable to work wonders. For example, a machine. Is this not a miracle? Show it to any medieval man and it would take :) you God And electricity? Or refrigerator?– all these miracles is the intelligence of different people.Wright brothers wanted to fly and … invented the airplane!

What you want?
What would you now is not called, most likely, it is possible.And your principal Assistant to achieve this – your intellect.

Why can't I share these with you?
Simply to you and felt like this is important to develop your own mind.

Here you will find the book you will learn very early and important information about your intellect.
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