Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fight unwanted hair

We all know that there are two ways to remove unwanted hair is hair removal (aimed at the destruction of the hair) and depilation (to remove hair at a time). Similarly, the methods that include several varieties.
Depilation is subdivided into chemical depilaciu, wax and sugaring (hair removal using sugar paste).
Chemical depilation is done through various creams and gels that remove hairs, destroying the hair fibers. Method differs painlessness.
Wax-depilating is hot, warm and cold wax, which is part of the body and hair removed along with sharp movement. On the same principle is applied to the skin caused sugaring: special sugar paste and removed along with the hair a sharp movement.Procedure is painful, but the result is worth the patience.
Epilation divided photoepilation and laser depilation. Both procedures are designed to remove unwanted hair for a long time.
Laser hair removal using laser, which operates directly on the hair bulb. Minus procedures in low spots and burns are about a month.
And finally, the procedure photoepilation, who increasingly use beauticians.Use this method to remove all hair types.Plus the method that it painless.
In any case, the method used, choosing only to you.The main thing is that the result was satisfactory and pleased you.

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