Thursday, November 11, 2010

Everything Is bad and good at once

Everything Is bad and good at once

It was strange for several weeks.

I was on holiday.But it is generally working holiday We stripped wallpaper in room of Dani, we worked in the morning and then we went camping & hiking. So I was out in full, in part because the diet could not manage to regulate my eating this list, and partly because of all the work, I was constantly.

In the longer term, I think it worked well for me. You should weigh yourself in the gym tonight, but I think I gained weight. At least in accordance with my screw up the scale at home. On the other hand ... I have lost girth.My pants are all just a little looser than they are so this is good. I hope that I am gaining muscle and losing fat, which is the better way to be.And since muscle weighs more, can be expected not to go to weight so easy.

Honestly if I could drop a size and do not lose much weight, I do not care.I want to be size 12 or 10 again I only ever size 8 only, so until I can dream, not really expect it I'm just not * built *. 10 looked pretty good, however, that will take it!

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