Thursday, November 11, 2010

day 37/86, weight 64.9 (+300 GR)

AI-yay!! I would be pushing everything on CD. I like a lot yesterday kusala, Yes, but not at 300 grams of weight gain, that's for sure: no bread or sweet-one cheese Yes stewed cabbage. But often, almost every 1.5 hours. Sinned a spoon of honey. Hmm.
And still I don't go to sports. Did the first day of the CD is the first day of the CD. Weakness, drowsiness and. .. Sports go tomorrow. Can't wait for.girl_claping (did I say it?!?)
Today eat moderately.

Apparently +/-2 kg is very noticeable.Yesterday and today my entire Office compliments. blush2 That I am another person that I was exactly 2 times less that I rastvoraus? that I have almost the same as my slender girlfriend around the Office and that we are already beginning to be confused with it, haha! It is worth ...

And would like to share with you one problem ... Previously, I have always had difficulties with buying clothing: you must have been something long balahonistoe black ... Little me lezlo's fashionable shops. Dreamed – pohudeu – will be very fashionable and stylish skuplu everything! Lost. And that same? ... Go shopping, dancing in a depression … I DON'T KNOW what to buy ... I can't understand what I mean and what does not. And I didn't like it … I want to change the style become more feminine, wearing tight blouses and dresses, but I'm not associir himself to them, it is difficult to understand what will emphasize my dignity ... Assumed in the changing room fitting sweater dress (size S, by the way)-it seems to me, I didn't go, tights, and … Choose skirt-Bell? Flared? Knee-deep or higher? A narrow?Which one suits me, decorates?If I wear a big sweaters or they will add me kilograms? A pair of jeans? Narrow or rasklesenn?
And so here is my brain buzzing every hike to the shops and I depart with nothing ...
The girl who could change his body, have you had similar issues and how you solved?.Thinking about stiliste …Or pshologe …

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