Thursday, November 11, 2010

11 November. Thursday.

My breast, see izmereniaVesOb?em waist, thighs, see Volume.

Plummet in 200 gr. After the chocolate. Perhaps appeared on water, such as I saw it in 23 hours, and then drank tea with Melissa. However, carbohydrate keeps like water. Complexes concerning fighting abroad or not, in General. Posokoladnicala and well. Overall, I enjoyed this unloading. Hungry was only nights. Yes, the downside is that I haven't wanted to sleep. but blame could be chocolate and later parish house, impressions, talking with MOM, plans for today and tomorrow, which bothered the thought. So the chocolate does not sin. It has excellent mood all day. Despite our "charming" weather with thick fog was already known that day.My hair go mad from the humidity ...
So slept there. The first half, and woke up at 7. And slept in fits and starts.However, don't feel broken.On the contrary, plus that we sing at 1 times more)))

Breakfast-oatmeal on water (3 tbsp dry cereals), green tea, a Green Apple.
Tiffin-PEAR, cottage cheese, coffee.
Then go to the shading of hair (hurray! finally!)girl_dance
Lunch-buckwheat evaporated salad cooked broccoli and cauliflower, peas, fresh vegetables (I do not know can tomato, cucumber) + natural Activia yogurt 125 gr.for refueling. Perhaps Apple dessert or fresh or pecenoe.
Then go to the dentist.That will eat after I don't know.

I decided that I need a pencil skirt, preferably dark colors.Good tights, preferably unusual color and pattern, maybe pastel colors under the scarf and beretku.Bag and my already altogether nekondisn looks. And black, gets lost amidst the black coat ...
Oh and like prikupit? 2 sweaters: one to approach the 2 m skirts (second just to buy) and the second to knitting, thin, pugovicky, potajemni to wear over the first and at least 4 Kofta from wardrobe.And then I have a short sleeve sweaters in administrative fine, but under the coat should be on top of them something to wear, and it is cold.And I have nothing but black jacket.Nerdy with him one…
Here and think like this all done.blush2
Still want to have a room floor lamp.A thread is interesting, beautiful.surprise1

P.S. Today Thursday and change ruler.I decided for myself 2 things:
1. daily weighing!
2. a weekly changing lineup!

Because the weight close to 55, and put the current.
Plummet for week 3.5 kg.

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