Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yoplait Greek Yogurt (Strawberry)

Yoplait Greek Yogurt (Strawberry)Yoplait Light fat free yogurt has been the leading brand of fat-free yogurt was edible in my opinion. Since I started having many years ago, more fat more acceptable"without" brands of yogurt and flavours come along delighted my tastebuds. Lately, I've been enjoying Greek yogurt, in particular, Better life whey plain ' n of the tart and protein Chobani 0% yogurt plain yogurt. But, as I have recently read the supermarket aisles, I spotted a few varieties of Yoplait Greek yogurt. Its $0.99 price tag is a little less that your average Cup of yogurt Greek and I knew that it was worth a try. That Tanya has already provided a review of the Greek Yoplait yogurt plain, I decided to get the taste of Strawberry.

Serving size: 4 oz
Calories: 130
Total fat: 0%
Saturated fat: 0%
Sodium: 95 mg, 4%
Carbohydrate: 19 g
Fibre: 0%
Sugar: 18 grams
Protein: 12 g

Unfortunately, things were simply not clicking for me u.s. ' is thick and creamy, it was less still most other yogurts Greek and it was also a little sand puree strawberries fruits that describe the flavor subtile.Je profile must say that this was not one of my favorite Greek yogurt..., is not terribly difficult, but this is really not … memorable.

Each container 6 ounce of Yoplait Strawberry Greek yogurt provides 130 calories, 18 grams of sugars & 12 grams of protein.

The ingredient list includes, cultured pasteurized grade A milk skim, concentrated milk proteins, sugar, Strawberry puree, kosher gelatin, concentrated lemon juice, colored with beet juice, calcium chloride, acetate, vitamin D3 Vitamin concentrates.

I love this protein punch, but I would just feel whole mouth yogurt lived up to my attentes.Si your patch forthcoming yogurt in a ultra thick and creamy, format I could suggest that you choose to leave the Greek yogurt to another company such as Voskos Chobani or Fage.
{Website: Yoplait yogurt Greek}

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