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The first lady of fitness

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By Dennis Rosato on August 25th, 2010
Kathy Kaehler, Fitness Expert Kathy Kaehler, Fitness Expert

Kathy Kaehler has become somewhat of a legend in the fitness and wellness circles. The 14 year veteran of the Today Show granted me an interview while she was in New York. The first thing that strikes you when you speak to the Michigan native is her “realness” no cream puff filling here folks. She is all she claims to be and more. Kathy lives the life and hates diets, preferring instead to instill Lifestyle choices not trendy, temporary head spinning fads. Kathy practices what she preaches and preaches from the heart drawing from a wealth of experience as the mother of three growing and active boys. A trainer to the stars for more than twenty years, Kathy’s A-list clients are superstars and household names from Kim Basinger to Kim Kardashian. Not to mention Julia Roberts and Matt Lauer. I did my research on Ms. Kaehler but she exceeded my expectations delivering clear and sharp answers to my most complicated fitness questions. Here is the interview I had with Kathy on Tuesday June 15, 2010 at 1:00pm Eastern time.

Dennis: Kathy you are renowned for being a proponent of simplicity… I like to call it effective simplicity, in your view what SIMPLE choices can someone make to get the ball rolling towards wellness? Is there a rule or theory that can be implemented to guide someone trying to achieve a better fitness level?

Kathy: Yes Dennis, because of all the options available and various diets that exist presently confusion is the ultimate result. To streamline things I simply say MOVE YOUR BODY! As long has you continue the routine of movement your regimen will be effective.

Incorporating my 90/10 rule adds simplicity to your Lifestyle change.

90% of the time you are active and adhering to a healthy foods menu and the other 10% is LIFE. Coffee and a slice of cake with friends once a month, a power lunch at your city’s top restaurant with a client or the dinner party that pops up. All these events are LIFE and you can’t and shouldn’t avoid any of them.

Not to mention they keep us sane and are as vital as the other lifestyle changes that incorporate health.

Hey and if you are gonna indulge Dennis and live that 10% to the fullest no better way to do it than with a great new product by Breyers Ice Cream, it’s called Smooth and Dreamy. These treats are incredible because the bars and ice cream options are within the 120-160 calorie range. An unbeatable and awesome way to be devilish if you have to be.

Dennis: In my view mothers are the super heroes of our modern age. Multitask is the word that most comes to mind when I think Mom know a days. MULTITASK is our nations new buzz word or term, can you give BUSY or overwhelmed moms specifically two immediate day one CHANGES that they can incorporate to jump start new eating habits and a exercise routine?

Kathy: I have a great story for you Dennis, I’ll never forget Michelle Pfeiffer’s spirit. I trained her for the blockbuster movie Batman Returns. She was cast in the dynamic role of Catwoman.

She had a grueling schedule; call time was 5:00am for the entirety of that movie. She had the option of sleeping until right before 5:00, then showing up on set or waking up even earlier and fitting a 4:00am workout with me. She chose to take on the challenge of getting that workout in. This can be related to moms who lead hectic and demanding lives in a specific way. Just follow the principle that as soon as your foot hits the ground get that workout in! Endorphins are magical and can carry you throughout the day with that extra focus and you got that workout in early to boot.

Dennis: Wow Kathy you are so right! That simple real life principle takes the daunting feeling of “oh I have to get my workout in at the end of the day or at a lunch break” out of the equation. And I agree endorphins are a magical formula for success.

To segway utilizing the theme of endorphins what is your take on exercise during times of crisis or stress in one’s life?

Kathy: Exercise does provide a certain degree of focus that can be invaluable during hard times in a person’s life. It can help settle your thoughts and thus sharpen your decision making.

Dennis: What is something that you find most individuals FORGET to incorporate into their new wellness plan or exercise routine?

Kathy: People need to remember this tip; “FIND SOMETHING YOU LIKE AND DO IT!

Get active doing something that you enjoy, is healthy, involves movement, makes you feel positive and stick to that DO IT!

Dennis: Give us a food that you can’t live without.

Kathy: Foods that are one step away from being at the original state.

Dennis: I like that concept!

Kathy: I feel out of sync when I go a period of time away from my more natural foods. I find that my performance is heightened when my body is fueled by the right food, raw or one step away from their natural state. Try it and be empowered.

Dennis: What is your most exotic food indulgence?

Kathy: Chocolate, the fresher the better..awww chocolate. Breyers is making that indulgence of mine all the more guilt free…Ice cream dipped in chocolate and low calorie is a winning combination within my 90/10 approach. I tell you Dennis Breyers Ice Cream has hit it out of the ball park on this one , Smooth and Dreamy is just that absolutely delicious and a wiser choice. I personally love the Chocolate covered strawberry bars, TRY THEM.

Dennis: If you can disclose which trainee over the years has impressed you with their toughness?


Dennis: Your favorite fruit?

Kathy: Honey Crisp Apples when they are available. They are grown in Minnesota I think.

Dennis: Your favorite Veggie?

Kathy: KALE, you have to try my recipe KATHY’S KALE.

Dennis: I heard you were a Kale fanatic, my dad is a Swiss Chard lover so I can relate, sort off.

Kathy: I am a proponent of the nutrition powerhouse that is Kale and it is important in the diet of my children.

Dennis: Final Question Kathy, if you led a double life what would be you secret profession?

Kathy: I would be right here in New York City on Broadway! Theatre! Always Moving Dennis!

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Dennis Rosato is an urban explorer and writer. He has tackled the swamps of the Everglades, the mean streets of New York City and now his latest journey is to overcome obesity! The ultimate lover of food, Dennis quickly realized that if he continued on his path of abandon that diabetes and heart disease were soon to follow. Dennis' latest goal is to be a Super Hero to his three children. Can he attain an eight pack set of abdominal muscles and a 31 inch waist? Are the 20 inch arms he desires within his reach? There is only one way to find out for Dennis, to gain control! Control and order have become his mantra. Dennis explores diet, fitness and nutrition with vigorous research and hands on insight.

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