Thursday, October 21, 2010

Brooks giveaway

By Elizabeth Perez on 14 October 2010

brooks dnaWe would be dedicated to this contest with our readers to share thought (as if you an another reason, FMU love required)...

You want a new pair of Brooks shorts or jacket? Well, here's your chance to win both!

The team BILBO giveaway (BILBO = Brooks innovation laboratory of biomechanical observation) and SAC technology have teamed up to give you a chance to get some new gear result. There are two ways to enter the giveaway. You can visit, see see what few Brooks running shoes are you by a run in interested and want a comment would the FMU below including of the shoe.Then share it on your Facebook, Twitter, your personal blog or anything else you may think that you help raise verbreiten.Achten that you come with two more ways to share the content. You can also the video above and leave a comment about and mention the contest and why you deserve to win the new shorts or a jacket. It is so easy.

YouTube Preview Image

You can be creative and come up with interesting possibilities, to your comment there.To get the creative juices flowing and could all the Brooks you on your way to a new addition to your current wardrobe.So what are you waiting for?Could the lucky guy or gal, the sporting some new LG and get entered.

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