Monday, October 11, 2010

Justify my love ... of those little extras.

So he had a great revelation today ... or rather, main!!! Revelation!!!... as I was sitting at breakfast.

In my groggy, can't-enough-I believe-I wake up-I was, I decided to read on the back of cereal boxes. the devil on my shoulder told me that I wanted the fruity artificial neon pebbles fruity, while the Angel on your shoulder other (unfortunately, a fairly often ignore) told me that really, yoghurt would be a much better choice.

I checked the calorie and found a discrepancy between the size you need exactly ten calories. No big deal, right?

Perhaps it is. My brain, although still crying for indexing in hot 400 thread count softness of the bed, a small woodpecker, and suddenly I thought how ten calories can impact me.

A further ten today with breakfast? OK ... and then a little extra sugar in my coffee?How many calories you? how about three bites a PB & J sandwich that was shared thoughtfully from my daughter?And a regular soda instead of a diet one?Wash, rinse, repeat all day, everyday, oh, about ten years.No wonder I am a chunky Monkey!

See, I never really knew how is that I have always been plump side, seeing how that my eating habits are actually pretty good. I am not an over-eater chronic of foods that are extremely high calorie. Not I sit down with buckets of fried chicken or gallons of ice cream. Yet ... maybe it's really small things can make a big difference.

By ow, I'm going to look a bit more carefully and we know that ten cutting calories actually may be a way to change. baby steps, baby steps.

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