Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pure American Zero Calorie Vitamin Enhanced Water Beverage (Tropical Citrus Burst)

Citrus Beverage
(Photo Credit: anee.baba)

Recently in Chicago for a visit, I was about to pick up water taste VitaminWater Zero lemonade, I was too shrunken heat and just did not feel like plain old water.But as I've achieved for V, perceived me a cheaper price tag that belonged to the Pure American zero calorie vitamin enhanced water beverages. only $ 1.39 bottle, these were cheaper than the $1.89 V-l'eau, so I've opted for the Burst tropical citrus flavor and hope for the better.

Serving size: 8 oz
Calories: 0
Total fat: 0%
Saturated fat: 0%
Sodium: 0%
Carbohydrates: 1 gram
Fibre: 0%
Sugar: 0 grams
Proteins: 0 g

I must say that my expectations were not really high for this drink, which resembled a knock-off as judged by the label very semblable.Pourtant, Zero VitaminWater isn't too mauvais.Le taste was a little sweeter I wanted to, but the taste itself was nice - citrusy .c ' was quite refreshing, but I wished that I had diluted slightly.

A portion of a cup of Pure American zero calorie vitamin enhanced water beverages has no calories (of course) and the daily value of 40% of vitamin C and 20% for the niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and acid pantothenique.Il ago 2.5 servings per container, standard of many waters by vitamin.

More critical on the American clean water

Used sweetener sucralose is not Stevia as VitaminWater Zero.Bien I gave a very favorable review of VitaminWater Zero naturally sweetened lemonade scented, I also loved it (although maybe just wee a little less), so that the price savings worth.

The bottom line: it was good, not much, but it'll do in a pinch YH ' I probably try this new but with a little more water, although it does not appear to be available in many places.

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