Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Formation of hydro: mission accomplished!

Finally I did it! I was nervous for a long time, but finally sucked and worked up the courage to go to this class at the gym. It was so much fun! Was perfect-hard, but it's not too difficult. The instructor was fun and challenging, not critical. All things that I was worried-were a breeze. Of course I had to wear a bathing suit, but I had a pair of shorts to wear with it and it wasn't that big of a deal ... almost nobody really watched superfit in their costumes anyway.

Is basically like aquagym.You have water dumbbells and bands to stretch when moving undersater, and make a lot of strength training. Was a one-hour class.

I'm so happy, I went, and I'm planning to try to do now twice a week.:)I really used some muscles that I worked so hard, too, so it is great!

I can't tell you how I * love * my gym membership.

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