Monday, October 18, 2010

Flood Turners: Penn State Nittany Lions take on Alabama National Champs

By Dennis Rosato on September 10th, 2010
Stephfon Green, Penn State Stephfon is GreenStephfon quickly. Let me play that Penn State is junior running back fast Ferrari. Combine that with the dynamic current vision he can and he has to pay a defence in the blink of an eye an eye. With rumors swirling around Happy Valley for a 4.3 subroutine 40 yard time for green defensive coordinators know he exists.The College football world will notice that the tyres and ultra not only flat ready young man from the Bronx, New York line speed, but an uncanny sense of the big game starten.Fangen take it if you can, but most defending of the back of number 21's Jersey of this college football season will witness.

Early week until had to leading the show down in Tuscaloosa, Alabama against the defending nation champion Alabama Crimson Tide reports from a neck suffer Verletzungen.Aber according to Stephfon who reports incorrect Penn State Stephfon green and, instead of that he had suffered a concussion Reveleaved and but was designed to play. It is clear that green is eager to play Alabama and is relishing underdog status which his exiled Nittany Lions have.

Now give Joe Paterno and the fact that if he beats Alabama and Nick Saban not only Joe's "Pa" 396th win this as head coach, but his 500. Overall winner as part of the organization.A significant milestone in trust in the hands is a true freshman quarterback, but Robert Bolden only ones dass.In Penn State's week 44 to 14 beating Youngstown State saw Bolden, the zeal to have to be the man. Can Bolden in Tuscaloosa frenzied with 101,000 Crimson Tide fans calling keep for his head? Well, that's the question, who answered 11 September Saturday, 2010 beginning at 7 pm Eastern time.

Penn State starting running back is also a milestone of his own Evan Royster, 3000 meters are vying for his career at Penn State. Good guy Evan was a steady work horse running game breaking in its own right flashed has. You can help but not bad tide and the cunning Nick Saban root for Royster, Joe Paterno and the entire Nittany Lion nation against the great.

The tide has some suffer themselves and some experts see winner mark Ingram as without the use of its most dreaded weapon, Heisman Trophy vulnerable. Mark Ingram was the tide's leading rusher last year and Alabama security blanket for that matter.Capable and talented backup Trent Richardson will win the rocks for the tide in Ingram's absence recovered must durchfuhren.Mit Ingram on the sidelines of a knee area to control yards and the ball Trent. It would not hurt Alabama cause if Star Stud wide receiver Julio Jones made a few big pieces. A young secondary and line support core on the defensive side of the globe can spell disaster for the tide in this game. My advice young no arm, the fight! I smell a disturbing, and I think Evan Royster shows its ruin within bravery and Stephfon Green shows some real speed SEC.

My prediction: 28 25 Penn State is the winner.Is Stephfon score three touchdowns and scorch the tide in Tuscaloosa?Get a close Saban's jaw up the coach dropping someone.It doesn't hurt that it is in Stephfon to the pride and joy of my Kennedy Knights…yes granted, I'm a Homer on this one.What is frankly not to love Bronx over a child a 4.3 running and playing for Joe's "Pa" Nittany Lions is?

Dennis Rosato is a urban Explorer and writer.He took the swamps of the Everglades, the streets of New York City in attack and now his last trip is to overcome obesity! the ultimate lovers of food, Dennis quickly realized if he was on his way to continue to give up that diabetes and heart disease should soon folgen.Dennis latest, a super hero to his three children is werden.Kann he reach an eight Pack set of abdominal muscles and a 31-inch waist? are 20 inch arms he wants to reach its? there is only one way to find out for Dennis, to gain control! access control and order acquisition his Mantra.Dennis become explores nutrition, fitness and nutrition with strong research and hands on knowledge.

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